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My name is Antonina, but you can call me Nina, and I’m basically an economist with a focus on marketing, organization and leadership. As a marketing manager for a number of years in the food industry, my creative fury took over and I decided to realize a dream of opening up a company like Feng Shui consultant and interior designer. Color and shape have always been interested in me and in recent years also the teachings of how we can influence our well-being by furnishing properly and adapting our color scheme.

My qualifications list is long and I started reading Feng Shui and interior courses of my own interest over 15 years ago. After that, there have joined interior courses in at a local private course, the interior line at the Warsaw University, Design Theory at the same university, and 1 year of education at the authorized Feng Shui consultant in Warsawa. In order to further understand the balance and harmony at home and in the picture, I have graduated in photography. To complete my service, I have taught myself to Color and Style Consultant through Beauty For All Seasons (BFAS). Today I am diligently engaged lecturer and interior consultant for companies as well as private individuals.

If you are curious about me and my knowledge, you can read my tips and ideas about Feng Shui and interior design here on the blog daily. I would love to hear some comments from you regarding my design or we can discuss something about design.